Some Food, Fun, and The Union!!

First off, can somebody PLEASE invent this like NOW!!



This last week has been so crazy busy, which I love!! Bring it on! So, not sure if you guys have heard of The Union, but it’s a yoga/spin studio that just opened up a new location on the North side across Division from Costco, next to The Onion.


Last weekend was their grand opening and they had free classes. I have heard so many AMAZING things about this place but don’t get downtown too often… unless I’m eating good food that is. So I signed up for the Saturday 10am yoga and the Sunday 12 o’clock spin. I mean this when I say it, this was unlike any other workout class I have ever taken. The studio is very nice, and everyone there is super friendly and helpful. The studios are lit with black lights, their playlists are on point, and once we got moving in the spin class, they bump it up a notch and turn on the laser lights! The instructor had so much energy, the whole class rides to the beat of the music, and it really is a full body workout! So much fun!


They keep the yoga room at 80 degrees, and the spin didn’t need any help in that department. Once the class was done the mirrors were so steamed up you couldn’t even see your reflection! I would recommend this to anyone that has some type of baseline fitness level, as it was very intense!


Also, the click in type of shoes are required, but the rent them out there as well as yoga mats if you need 🙂


Overall, a great place, I will definitely be back ❤

Well I don’t know about you guys, but there have been so many times where I’m half way to work and I start yelling profanities not only because I forgot my lunch, but also because I know that beautiful meal I spent all morning preparing is about to sit out all day and is going straight to the trash when I get home… UGHHH!!! So I want to share this little trick that has been saving me:


Keys on top of the lunch, BAMM problem solved! Genius right?! I made spaghetti squash (my obsesh I know) with chicken italian sausage, onion, pepper, no sugar added spaghetti sauce, and a splash of parmesan on top.


I swear it tastes better than it looks HAHA

I’m loving this weather! There have been a few outdoor runs the last week. Saturday at 8am I met Steph and Melissa for 3 miles from Kendall Yards



I love this area so much. I literally can’t stand when pessimistic people say they hate Spokane. Whats not to love? We have some of the most natural beauty here!


Bridge near Gonzaga.


Spokane Falls are crazy pretty too ❤


Have a beautiful week everyone!!

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