St. Paddy’s Five Miler and Some Randoms

This weekend was one of those weekends you know you will look back on and smile about someday 🙂 Lots of family fun! We decided Saturday we would check out the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with all the kids.

I’m pretty sure their favorite part was the candy! 

My P.I.C.

And my fave girl, who I wish I got to see more of!

And of course her babe, with Jon photo bombing in the back haha

Saturday night, I bartended, and another one of my faves stopped by to see me for the St. Paddys party. My bro!

Sunday we set out to run five miles, the weather was beautiful. The race is always at Spokane Community College, so snapped a pic with the mascot.

Right before the start…

After the start, look at all the green!

Fresh strawberry banana protein shakes for after! I used frozen strawberries instead of ice, so good!

And sadly, my phone died after this and I got no photos of my nephews birthday party at the skating rink 😦 All the kids were so cute, and Makenna is getting so good on skates!

Here are some randoms I haven’t gotten around to posting!

We did a seafood night which was much needed, I had been craving seafood bad!

I saw this vintage tee at Garageland that I wanted bad, it was $100 and I’m still contemplating going back…

These dark chocolate bars with sea salt are to die for

These two cuties at the mall ❤

Sometimes it’s hard not to give money to panhandlers, this guy says not to. What do you think?

Pad Thai from the restaurant Phontip Thai, you guys, their food is amazing, go there if you haven’t already!

Makenna liked the Thai iced tea! And has the tongue to prove it!

My recent obsession from Starbucks! Sous vide egg bites, the bacon ones! And a green tea latte with soy, so good!

These nut butter filled Clif bars. Ummm for all the rage I’ve been hearing about them, I wasn’t impressed. The nut butter inside was on the dry side.

This photo makes me happy ❤ My Mom and Dan love doing this!

I know these flavored tuna pouches seem weird, but they’re actually really good, especially on salad! And tons of protein!

It’s a kitty condo in the back lol Just because I have a cat, doesn’t make me a crazy cat lady! It doesn’t, it doesn’t!!!!

2.8 miles :))

This was on the media reader at the gym. You guys, this could be really bad news for me haha McDonald’s is for sure my guilty pleasure!

Anyways! I hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week ❤ I’m praying for sunshine over here ! 

Peace✌ and Love ❤


Trip to Ainsworth Hot Springs and Some Treadmill Running

Recent Workouts

You guys, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill at a 9:13 pace. I know, most of you are thinking, sooooooo??? But for me this is a huge deal! Last year my miles were creeping up to the 11-12 minute mile range. I have started running faster in very very small increments, and am finally up to 2 miles at this pace! Today’s workout: .5 miles at 3.5mph, .5 miles at 4.0mph, 2 miles at 6.5 (9:13 minute miles), and 1 mile at 4.0 mph. I have also been doing spin class at EWU 2x per week, and GRIT class, which is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) 2x per week, which has contributed tons!


Also, recovery is huge, especially when doing weight training. I have been trying to add in a protein shake after most workouts. I love the Orgain Organic Protein you can find at Costco, it’s fairly inexpensive and tastes great! I bring the powder in a shaker bottle with me, then after my workout, I just add water. BOOM!


Also have been trying to squeeze in yoga when I can. I love stretching, it’s my favorite ❤


Ainsworth Hot Springs, Nelson, and Kaslo British Columbia

We set out last Saturday for a trip to B.C. for Dan’s birthday! Since Dan just got his passport, we decided to put it to use and check out Canada! I love road tripping with this guy! You know, you can always tell if a relationship is going to last but how well you travel together!


First stop was Nelson. We were starving and stopped at the first restaurant we found called Finley’s. A cute little bar and grill.


OMG had probably one of the best burgers I’ve had in years. It was called the Wise Cheddar Truffle Cherry Burger. It had pacific rock cheese, cherry jam, truffle aioli, pickled red onion, lettuce tomato and a ciabatta bun. So.Good. Even the side salad was loaded with veggies.


We also did some thrifting and walking around downtown, look how cute their City Hall is (they also had a big modern one next door). They have some awesome hippy shops downtown too!


Next stop was Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort. The drive was gorgeous by the way, after you pass Nelson, you take the road along Kootenai Lake, which is surrounded by the Rockies. Breathtaking. We decided to check in , take a silly picture, and hit the hot springs right away.



The coolest thing about the hot springs here are the caves. It’s a horseshoe shaped cave. Very hot and dark inside but they have a few small lights similar to garden lights that give a romantic ambiance… ooohhh la la… It was too dark, so I stole a couple pictures from the net. I loved it here, but what struck me as odd was that the water was odorless. When we went to Quinn Hot Springs, the water smelled like rotten eggs. Call me weird, but I loved it, it made me feel like there was a very high mineral content and my body was being healed, well not really but you get my drift. You could tell the water felt different at Ainsworth, but it just wasn’t as strong.


This is not me… haha


The view was insane!!


Next stop, Kaslo, which is another 20 minutes or so North of Ainsworth.

wp-1488835198307.jpgWe stopped at the most quaint little cafe called Bluebelle Bistro. It was adorable and even had an old wood stove inside.


Can’t go wrong when you have coffee with the one you love ❤


Normally not a pastry person, but this butter tarte was to die for


View from the edge of town…



One last stop on the way home. Brilliant Bridge.





This handsome devil


Road trips are the best! Well any trips are the best really ❤


Has anyone tried these chips, it’s a Canadian thing… I’m not really a fan, but when in Rome…



Hope you have a great weekend y’all!! Anyone else doing the St. Paddy’s 5 miler on Sunday? If so, hit me up, I’m doing it and don’t have a running buddy yet!