Trip to the Canadian Border & Jax Juice

Crystal Falls

Dan, Mojo and I had a weekend sans kids, so we decided to take a quick road trip up to the Canadian border and stop and see some sights along the way.

Doesn’t this pic look like we’re about to sing a duet to the Frozen theme song haha …Maybe it’s the matching Goonies shirts #sorryimnotsorry #relationshipgoals


Mojo looking comfy in the back



Until this happened… Not quite sure what he’s doing but he crammed his booty here almost the entire drive… no judgement though Moj, we love ya!


So, Jackie posted some pics of this place and I thought, how beautiful! It’s up past Colville just right off the road. We expected more of a challenge as far as getting to the falls, but it was pretty to hike a bit along the river. You can find directions on how to get there –> here.




Overall, very beautiful and peaceful. I love the sound of natural running water.

We found a random thrift store along the way so thought we would have some pre halloween fun. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted everything in there! Well everything except the “dog bed” that was really just an old couch cushion haha


Ok Ok, back to the trip. Our next stop was the Box Canyon Dam. The view was gorgeous, but I can only imagine how much prettier it would have been without that dam there.



The train tracks were sure pretty though! This is the train ride that goes from Ione to Metaline Falls. 2016 is the last year they are doing this 😦 I logged in to their site as we wanted to get tickets, however, the rides are sold out for the rest of the year. We decided to stop by the train station to see if there was any way to still find tickets and to get to the bottom of why they are closing down. The lady there was very nice and gave us the run down on why. Turns out they would have to have an inspection of the bridges that would cost $130,000. On top of that, they would have to fix whatever came back insufficient on the inspection, this could lead to millions of dollars, which they just don’t have. You can read more below, excuse the wrinkles and footprint on the sheet. Road trip problems.




This was by far THE most beautiful drive I have ever taken. I couldn’t help but snap a ton of pics. Enjoy.





Creepy abandoned looking park, eeeek



We headed farther North in hopes to see Gardner cave, but it was closed for the season when we finally got there. Next time!



Jax Juice & Randomness

We checked out Jax Juice on Market and Wellesley, AKA Give It a Shot Espresso. He makes fresh vegetable juices, alkaline water, apple pie, and more! He knows Dan and is trying to get him to be a part of a program he trying to get started.  Buddy Ball, where you team up and play baseball with a child that is disabled. Dan works with kids that have disabilities and personally I think it would be a great fit! When we got there he told us he attended his first City Council meeting and that he brought juice samples for everyone there. He got up to speak, and told everyone there that the juice samples are not why he was there. He was there because  they are putting in a new baseball diamond at Mission Park. He is an advocate for children with disabilities and is hoping for a playground that will accommodate as well. He was there to say thank you <3.

This is Jack


This is Jax Juice.



Mak giving Mojo some love


Slight obsession with roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts right now


Makenna and Lila have this cute love/hate thing going on! They argue, but then they miss each other/have each other’s backs if anyone is messing with the other. It’s super cute really!

Getting cozy at storytime haha


And at dinner ❤


Makenna’s braiding skills are on point! She’s been practicing a lot


It wouldn’t be my blog without at least one running selfie. You win some. ya lose some haha


Dan’s friend Dave had a bonfire for his 40th birthday, which was a blast! Kaylynn got the girls together for this!





I hope you all are enjoying the fall so far! Have a blessed week ❤






Spokane Half Marathon Recap & Moose Chili

Last Sunday October 9th, I set out to complete the Spokane Half Marathon in honor of a friend from high school, Tasha Buckles. I signed up for the race with Steph and Chana, who were much closer to Tasha than I was, Steph thought we should honor her life and her family by running for her, and we all agreed. I didn’t know this, but she had a thing for tall socks! The Tasha that I know was always positive, outspoken, beautiful and had a passion for her family and friends. You will be greatly missed by many TJB!

Chana is awesome and had some pretty sweet shirts made for us.

These in pink


And these long sleeves, in gray


The weather was perfect for running! We even lucked out with no rain!



I love Spokane this time of year, and this course was no exception!




Got to see a couple of my FAVE cheerleaders along the way! My Mom and Daughter ❤


And these Bagpipers and dancers!



Finish line photos! I look really happy to be done, because I WAS! That was a tough course, sooo many hills!



Found myself a finish line buddy ❤



These girls stole my medal and my heart ❤


Guess what this is…

Get your mind out if the gutter!!! It’s the race medal!

Our finish pic!


I just want to give a shout out to my Mom for bring Makenna down to watch me finish, Dan and Lila, and Ray and Nicholle, you guys made crossing the finish line so special for me ❤ Love you guys! And Mom for lunch and beer at the Elk!

Also, it was so good seeing so many friends along the course! Steph and Chana, Sara, Nancy and Kaylee!! Good job guys!


Tristan’s 7th Birthday Party @ Triple Play!

So, we started out the day getting our family photos taken, which I will share later! So we had to haul ass from Deer Park allllll the way out to Coeur d’Alene, we were a little late but didn’t miss the good stuff!

Pit stop to Starbucks, they’re representing our Hawks!


The girls getting ready for battle


Here’s Makenna killing the ropes course in wedges haha




Lila looking so cute and tiny in the laser tag get up


Mak and Kylee!


Randy Ray made it too!


The kids had a great time, there were just so many more people here I didn’t get to see much of! That is the only thing that I find hard about these parties, they are a blast but its hard to get everyone together!

Moose Chili

Dan had some moose burger so with fall officially here we decided to whip up some chili! I personally love the copycat Wendy’s chili recipe


If I were to make it again, I would modify it by only using 1/2 the can of tomato sauce. It was a little tomatoey for my taste, I like my chili a little more hearty. But shoot add some cheese and saltines and it toned it down and made it perfect!  I like moose burger even better than beef hamburger! So if anyone has some they want to give me…. 😉


A Little Randomness…

My cat as Chewy! Here’s a tidbit for you. Did you know George Lucas though this character resembled chewing tobacco, hence the name Chewbacca!


Makenna found this at our photo shoot!


We’ve been getting pretty creative lately with her hair!


This pretty much happens everyday ❤ ❤ ❤ It melts my heart ❤


Have a great rest of your week everyone, Dan and I are going to do some exploring over the weekend so I’ll share that next time!!

I am working on constantly honoring my own soul, but for now it is still a work in progress, I’ve come so far but still have a long way to go ❤









Long Run Done!! & Homemade Acai Bowls!

Last Sunday, I had my 10 miler on the calendar. My last and longest run before my half marathon next Sunday the 9th of October! EEEKKKK! It’s always intimidating, but it feels so good to be done with it. Not only do you get that sense of accomplishment and all those feel good endorphins in your system, but you finally feel fully prepared (or as prepared as you’re ever going to feel) for your race! I met up with Erica at Kendall yards. We did 1.5 miles toward Riverfront park and back. She left, and I finished another 7.5 solo.

I think visors are the most dorky thing ever, but they really do serve a purpose when running hahaha


And on a side note, whats with all the crazy clowns lately???


I love how Spokane bolted down these orange adirondacks with a view


And these green ones too!


Another one of my running selfies. You’re welcome. haha


I started eating this GU at about mile 6. I love this flavor, and I love even more that it contains caffeine. These ones are my fave, it gives you a little extra boost.


I passed Life Center, I love that their motto is “Loving God, Loving People”


So, I’ve never done the Spokane half before, but I’ve heard that A LOT of it is the same as the Bloomsday course, which to me means there will be a TON of hills! So, I must say that I was not disappointed AT ALL to see that Doomsday was shut down for construction 😦 I still went up that way because I’m curious like that. But I highly doubt the course will take us that direction.





Here is some more random Spokane beauty from that day on the pavement



Passed 1000 steps again!


More turkeys! I think I may really be becoming the turkey whisperer


Mommy Daughter Date ❤

Sometimes you need that one on one time with your kiddo. So Makenna and I hit the mall to just hang and spend some quality time together 🙂 She wanted to get her GPS watch set up, but T-mobile couldn’t figure out how to do it with a data line, and I didn’t want to spend $35 per month for a watch, so that was a bust…

On our way!


We’re Beliebers LOL


We had pretzels and boba tea for dinner! Her choice



Here she was at her last soccer game, killin’ it in the rain!


And here she is reading to Lila, Dan’s little sweetie ❤


Kids are the best, they really do remind you that it’s the little things in life that truly matter. Plus they’re so darn cute… most of the time anyway haha


So, as many of you know, I’m borderline obsessed with acai bowls. They taste amazing, are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and boost your energy and brainpower naturally, through food!

Here is one I got last week from Method North. They blended the acai with peanut butter, topped it with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, granola, coconut and cocao nibs! Amaze!



So, I was super excited when I saw that Wal-Mart started carrying Acai! The said acai bowl from method runs about $8, but I found a box with 8 single servings of acai for $12.97


They look like this


I topped mine with this granola, along with banana and coconut. It turned out so good!




Here are some other random running pics and eats from the week:



Double Yum!


Run starting from the G.U. Campus



This is under the Division bridge, where we put the paddleboards in


So pretty this time of year!


Lantern Fest is here again!





My home dye job turned out pretty good!


Chip, guac, and pico from Rancho Chico. Looks basic, tastes amazing.


It was raining so I decided to run inside on the treadmill this morning… blah… my least favorite kind of running, but its necessary sometimes… Speaking of this morning. I need to send a shout out to my boyfriend Daniel Feldhusen for leaving flowers on my doorstep this morning. Honestly made my day a million times better after a rough night last night. Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my Dad’s death 😦 He’s the best and always knows how to make me feel better ❤


I love me some running analogies…


Have an awesome weekend everyone!! Wish me luck on my half marathon Sunday!!