San Diego Weekend

So, my BFF called saying she had some buddy passes that were expiring, and if we could use them that following weekend, we could have them! So duh! We decided to go somewhere warm and beautiful, that we could find a gorgeous hike, and San Diego did not disappoint!  So here we go! I love last minute spontaneous trips!

Day 1 we decided to walk around and enjoy some of the city at Balboa Park.

Apparently renting segways is a thing now

We stopped at the coffee shop which was conveniently named Daniel’s, so of course I made Dan pose for a pic

I thought it was really cool that they’re making a musical based on the movie Benny and Joon, that movie is near and dear to my heart, not only because it was filmed here in Spokane, but because my most favorite Uncle Eddy has a part in it, I miss him so much!

We also walked around the piers and got a photo with the famous kissing statue! Dan’s idea for the pose, he’s such a romantic!

We also checked out the Midway, but on the way there, there was a ship in the harbor literally on fire! It was a little scary!

We decided to go to the Little Italy district for dinner at a restaurant that was recommended to us, Bon Apetit, which was completely random, but turned out to be the same restaurant Shivaughn and I carb loaded at when we did the San Diego Half Marathon in 2010!

Such good food! Ended up getting the swordfish! And we followed that up by a stop at 7-11 for some ice cream to take back to the hotel, along with hiking snacks for tomorrow’s 10 miler!

This Twinkies ice cream was barf!! Seriously so bad!

So, the next morning was an early one. We decided to take the train/ bus ALLLL the way up to Torrey Pines and hike down to La Jolla. Here at the start we passed the Torrey Pines golf course!

Here is the trail head at the start, there was also a rangers station where we should have used some of the sunscreen they had available, ugh lesson learned!

It was almost a maze through cliffs and steep stairs…

But alas…. we made it to the Pacific!

And unbeknownst to us, we discovered Black Beach, a beauty you ask? Ummm not exactly, turns out it’s a nude beach, and there were quite a few naked people running around

The rock formations were by far my fave ❤️

This was definitely one of my fave hikes ever, so much beauty

Not sure why I always look so awkward in these kissy photos haha

Dan living on the edge

The hike continued down through the UCSD campus, seriously why did I not go to college here out of high school?! It looked like fun if I were 20 again! It was right by the pier.

As we got to mile 7 or 8 ish, there were so many seals at seal rock, and the hiking trails lead right to them, I’ve never been so close! Even the kayakers were boating very close to them!

You can see the seal behind me!

And ended this with some gelato on the pier

Such a fun weekend adventure ❤️❤️❤️

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