Mother’s Day Fun and a Glow Run!

This Mother’s Day weekend was definitely my best one yet! Saturday, after shoveling a TON of dirt and lava rock out of the beds by the street, I decided to get cleaned up and head to my Mom’s house so we could take the Harleys out for a spin! I cannot even begin to express how much I love this lady! She is such an amazing person, she works harder than any person I know, she is kind, she would do anything at a drop of a dime for her family, she’s my inspiration and my best friend ❤ Love you Mom!


We had a pretty awesome ride planned out. First we stopped to watch my daughter’s soccer game, then planned riding  down near Downriver, followed by lunch at the Milk Bottle. Well, my cousin Jake ended up having his baby boy!! Everett Van Hamblen, so we cut the ride a little short to go meet the newest addition to the fam! He was perfect, and such a good baby, very relaxed ❤


These are SOOOO my Mom (in a good way of course):

At work, Brittany told me about Silverwood’s Mother’s Day deal, Mom’s got in free, so of course, I’m there! So Sunday morning, Makenna and I stopped by Nevada Street Brew, and headed out to ride some rides! We pretty much rocked out the entire hour there, she’s obsessed with the singer Daya right now, which is A OK with me , I ❤ her too!


Ferris Wheel


We got there, and I immediately wanted to ride the roller coaster, which she did not want to go on, so of course I had to play the Mother’s Day card and tell her she has to do whatever I want to do haha Well that was a bust, she was terrified and hated every second of that 90 second ride 😦 Maybe next year. So we decided to head to the kiddie land…


We ended up running into Brittany and her family as well as a girl who was on Makenna’s basketball team!




Being a Mom is the best, yet hardest, yet most rewarding thing in this entire world and I love every minute of it! I was telling my cousin, at the hospital, how I would look at my daughter when she was born, and I couldn’t believe she was mine, and the crazy thing is, I still do that sometimes. I am so proud of the little girl she is and I could have never imagined in a million years I could love someone as much as I love her ❤


***Shout out to all the Moms out there that put their children first and strive to teach them how to be hard working decent human beings. Who take time to show them that there is a big beautiful world on the other side of those tablets and video games that needs to be explored. To all the moms who teach their children to set their sights and standards high, and that with hard work and perseverance, that if they can dream it, then they can achieve it. And to all the Mom’s that make their children feel that they are worthy and give them ZERO doubts about how much they love them, their kids know because these Moms are ALWAYS there for them. (And this goes for all the Dads too!)*** 



I hope all my other Mommy’s out there had a fabulous Mothers Day!! And to all my friends whose Mom’s are in heaven, just know they love and miss you as much as you love and miss them ❤


Last Friday was the Glow Run for Hunger! It was an awesome run for kids with a 1 mile or a 1.5 mile option. Glow for Hunger was created by Northwest Harvest to help fight hunger locally in the Inland Northwest. Every $22 registration provides 100 meals for local children and families in need. It was very well organized, and I could be wrong, but it seems to me like this was the replacement for Jr. Bloomsday… I could explain this, but I think the pictures do a better job:

Pre Race Party!


Dan and I


Start Line!


Mak and I:


The glowing Jelly Fish


The glow tunnels


The after party dance party



Bloomsday 2016, and Some Other Stuff!

Bloomsday packet pick up, I’m pretty sure Makenna was thrilled to be there  haha

Well, Bloomsday started off with a bang. Met at my place and got a ride downtown from Dan. My brother Ray, my brother from another mother Libey, and I ran!

Here we are at the start line!



Things were going great, we were in the groove, weather was nice, were were actually sticking together throughout the madness… BUT THEN…. Libey hit the curb wrong and went down, we thought he twisted his ankle, so we headed to the medic station


Here we are waiting for him

He kept going for a bit but couldn’t, he was in so much pain 😦 We tried to get him a ride, but they were unable to get anyone out, so he walked back to the start, against the crowd, with a BROKEN FOOT!!! What a trooper! I’m sure I would have been in tears.

Yup, definitely broken…


My last long run before Bloomsday!

So, a week before Bloomsday, I decided to bang out a 5 miler (which turned into a 6 miler due to an important phone call I had to take). I headed toward Argonne, I love parking in the lot on Maringo, just East of Argonne and running east to Mirabeau Park for a nice out and back. Here are a few pics, it was gorgoeus! I love our city ❤




But, my absolute favorite part is the bridge…


This is the Denny Ashlock bridge. I’m not sure if the name Ashlock confuses people, or if the bridge is just so beautiful that people feel like they’re in Paris. There is a bridge in Paris called the Pont des Arts, where people put a padlock on the brige, and throw the key in the water, locking their love there forever, how romantic!

According to Huffington Post, “The Pont des Arts was the city’s (Paris’) first love-lock bridge. When the municipal government cleared the locks off the bridge in 2010, the tradition continued on the Pont de l’Archevêché (Archbishop’s Bridge), with its romantic view of Notre Dame.” Here is a picture of that one I stole from the net:


This is as close as it gets here in Spokane ❤


I love this!!

I finished the run slowly, I’m blaming the phone call haha


Then made myself a recovery protein shake. Have you guys seen this vegan organic protein powder at Costco? It’s only $23.99 and it tastes amazing!! My girlfriend Megan recommended it to me, and she was right, so good!!



Have a great week everyone, and remember to love where you live ❤