Music & Pinball

Have you guys ever used the stair master at the gym, the one that looks like actual stairs??? Holy hell it’s no joke! I’m up to 20 minutes at level 8, and even that is a struggle!


I’m working my way up to 30 minutes, wish me luck!

I experimented a little Saturday morning with some breakfast “hashbrowns.” I used half of a cooked and forked spaghetti squash, mixed with 2 eggs, oregano, salt and pepper. Next, I cooked it just like hashbrowns (I like mine a little crispy) then topped with a little shredded sharp cheddar. OMG so good and very low carb! Win/win right there 🙂


Lookie what we found at the store ♡


This past weekend was definitely one for the books! Friday started off with dinner at Sante, a local restaurant with quite a few organic options, but to be honest, the menu was a tad intimidating, a lot of it is french. So I decided to “when in Rome” it and ordered the escargot.


I was pleasantly surprised, it was delish 🙂 Next we went to the Knitting Factory to see The Devil Makes Three. If you’ve never heard of them, they are pretty much bluegrass, there is even a chic that plays cello!


The night was full of fun! Thanks Jim!!
Saturday, I headed to grandma and grandpa’s house for her 74th birthday party. I brought my chicken cauliflower chowder, I’ll share the recipe later 😉


How could you not love these faces?! Saturday night, my girlfriend Shivaughn and I were invited to the 10th annual Pinball Bash, as the “Ms. Pinball’s.” We had such a blast! I can’t believe we actually got paid to hang out, drink good beer, and play pinball!!




Such a fun group of guys!! Sunday, was a gym day followed by a dinner with my girls! 

2 thoughts on “Music & Pinball

  1. You Rock!!! Keep it up your doing Great. Making time for family and friends important stuff right there. Love you more Mom

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