5 for 5

I have been easing back in to fitness, the past few months life got the best of me and my running endurance is the price I have paid. But that’s the beauty of running… and life. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, but you can always start over, ALWAYS!


This week I am happy to say that I have been on the treadmill every morning!  When I start over, I usually tend to do the run/walk/run thing until I can get back up to where I can run a few miles without stopping, and without wanting to punch everyone in the face ha!

I made one of my all time favorite salads for lunch yesterday! Bacon, blueberries, avacado, and bleu cheese. Kind of an odd mix, but it works!20160105_115826.jpg

Maks has been with her Dad since yesterday, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her! She is the light of my life ❤ And I am absolutely loving this 6 year mark! So much fun! She has so much character, makes me die laughing daily, and inspires me to be the best Mommy that I can be! I want to give her the world…



Now, off to Silver Mountain for some boarding and $12 lift tickets!!!

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