All registered for a FULL MARATHON! This really happened! & Go Hawks!


Well, after several fun runs, a few triathalons, and a handful of half marathons, naturally the next step was to tackle the full marathon. 26.2 miles. I think I’m half crazy. But carpe diem, this is definitely the year to check it off the list.  Thank God my friend Steph is also half crazy, so naturally we registered together!


It has been below freezing here, and basically an ice rink outside. I don’t mind running in the cold, and sometimes I actually like it. Crazy again, I know. Not as crazy as some people I like to snap photos of on the way to work though…


But I’m not trying to get any injuries so I bought this tiny little thing back from my cousin.


Running outside > Treadmill running, it really really tests my patience. Its monotonous, boring, and it gets really hot. I like to listen to music, attempt to read magazines, and am about to set up a DVD player and attempt some movie watching to pass the time. I’m hoping it will get more enjoyable. Steph is a little faster than I am, so I’m trying to get on her level so we can stick together for the marathon. 4-5 hours of running solo is pretty good motivation!

wpid-DSC_0365.jpgApparently, I have some work to do hahawpid-storagesdcard0DCIM100ANDRODSC_03702.jpg.jpgI always support local. I’m not necessarily a huge football fan, but I love it when our home teams bring home the win! And the Seahawks definitely annihilated it this year!

wpid-IMG_170807832176492.jpegWait, What???? HAHA I’ve always been a Seahawks fan pshhhhh

wpid-DSC_0356.jpgMy mini and I had to get outside! As much as I can hate the snow, I also love it with all my heart. We need to enjoy it before its gone! Snow is the best thing about winter, why else freeze our asses off?? So we were in a girly girl type mood and decided to get crafty…

wpid-DSC_0347.jpgSo much fun! How do you celebrate the snow?

wpid-Screenshot_2014-02-02-20-09-12.pngLove this quote. Life is too short to hate.

Week in review:

Sunday: 5 miles, treadmill


Tuesday: 3 miles intervals, crossfit

Wednesday: 3 miles easy, crossfit

Thursday: Crossfit

Friday: 4 miles at pace, crossfit

How do you beat boredom on the treadmill??

Have a happy week!

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