Cutting Glass!

Holy BRRRR!!! So Saturday morning, it sounded like a good idea to run to the gym, and then workout at 8 AM. Well, apparently I have been in hibernation because it was still dark after the time I got up and got the running gear on. I forgot how late the sun rises! On a mission to get the first long run done on my marathon training plan, I bucked up!  Here is the view, just in case you missed it

Frozen Branches!
Frozen Branches!

And yes, that’s right,sometimes I pull double duty and take pics while I run… I’m talented like that haha

The hardest thing about running when it’s literally freezing outside is getting started. After a few minutes, you warm up and the cold is actually refreshing. AS LONG as you have the proper gear on! Here are a few key items I never forget when it’s cold out:

  • Hat or ear covers of some sort (Target has one right now with a hole in the back for your pony tail, genius!)
  • Thicker than your average gym sock. Most running shoes have some breathable fabric, allowing colder air in
  • long sleeve shirt with a running jacket over it (I love my Marmot brand, keeps me warm without overheating,  has an inside pocket with a sneaky headphone outlet, and it’s bright and has reflectors for safety)
  • Running pants that are a little thicker or lined
  • Some extra tissues, my nose runs like crazy in the cold!

I made it!


I'm not super fast, but I get the job done!
Got it done!

Made it to the 45 minute class, and SURPRISE it just so happened to be a cardio day…. FML!!! Well, whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right?

Well, off to bed. Gotta get my run on tomorrow 😉

Love me some Ryan Gosling
Love me some Ryan Gosling

Sunday: Rest day/Yoga day

Monday: 45 minute Crossfit class at Physzique and 2 mile treadmill run after, alternating speeds

Races I’m signed up for: Partners in Pain 5K on 2-9-14

Are you training for anything right now?








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