I Never Say No to a Challenge

As of January 13th, my 12 week weight loss journey begins. There is a gym here locally called Physzique that is hosting a 12 week challenge for anybody ready to commit to losing weight and basically morphing  into some sort of workout junkie/health nut. Challenge accepted!!


I liked the idea of this gym because they focus on overall health. We weighed in, took measurements, have to turn in a weekly food journal, and attend three classes minimum per week. The trainers pretty much make death threats about cheating with any kind of diet pills, or weighing yourself on an at home scale, or pretty much anything else unnatural like cheating on the program!

I want to be the best role model that I can possibly be for my 4 year old princess. Children learn from our actions, not from our words

So, I have decided to be completely honest here, as honest as eating my feelings haha. I have put on a few pounds in the last couple months and since some of the purpose of this blog is to hold myself accountable, here it is:

Height: 5’7″ Weigh: 151.5lbs  Bicep 10.2″5 Chest 29″ Waist 34″ Hips 40.5″ Thigh 20.25″ Calf 14″

So my calories need to be between 1222-1422 per day to achieve my goal weight of 125 lbs. Also being able to do a pull up and having healthier skin through healthier eating are on the agenda 🙂

I met the SIL (Sister in Law) for an 11AM workout. Lets just say there were A LOT of burpees, high kicks, and planks! It felt good to be done, so good I could barely taste the beet carrot jalapeno juice I had waiting for me at work. The best part is that afterward, the SIL, whom I adore, brought me the best protein shake at work! Chocolate with strawberries and unsweetened almond milk. YUM!


Dinner was this beauty:


Cod, organic romaine, jicama, radishes, orange baby bell peppers, 1/2 of an avacado, and some light champagne vinaigrette which is pretty much my new obsession!

What are you eating for dinner?



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