Running, What I Listen To… And More Hiking!

Personally, I have a really hard time running without music unless I’m running with a buddy. The world has ended if I forgot my headphones on a run! I have a lot of friends that run, and the most common question I get asked is “what do you listen to when you run?” Well, honestly, that is constantly changing, but in general; I like tunes with a good beat. I’ve recently discovered a feature on Spotify where you listen to music consistent with your pace, or your desired pace. Under the Browse option, there is a selection for running.


There are quite a few playlists to choose from, but I find that I prefer the one called “your running mix.” Spotify bases the music off of your personal liked and saved music and playlists.


You can either start running and let Spotify detect your pace, or what I usually do is hit skip and set my pace at 155 steps per minute which is equal to a 10 minute mile. I like getting my music going before I start running.


And voila!


I must say there are quite a few songs I have to skip, even with this list. For example, I love country music, but I HATE running to it! It just doesn’t make me want to run! It makes me want to drink beer and lay in the sun! Not a good combo right 🙂

I also love “Caked Up” radio on Pandora! It is mix of good songs remixed with a faster beat, it’s really good!

Here is what is currently on the “workout” playlist:

  1. Never be like you ft. Kai by Flume
  2. Be right there by Diplo, Sleepy Tom
  3. Elastic Heart by Sia
  4. High you are Branchez Remix by What So Not
  5. Middle by DJ Snake, Bipolar Sunshine
  6. Don’t let me down by Chainsmokers, Daya
  7. Video Games Jakwob Remix by Lana Del Rey
  8. As the rush comes, Gabriel & Dresden Remix by Motorcycle
  9. Use Me by Bill Withers
  10. Set adrift on memory bliss by P.M. Dawn

Sometimes I go for rap or rock, it just depends on my mood. I say go with what motivates you. Some people even listen to podcasts. Do what works for you!

I know I’m WAYYYY behind in the tech world, but I’ve recently discovered bluetooth headphones. GAME CHANGER!! OMG where have I been?! These are the best thing since sliced bread! You can sort of see them in this photo, the cord just goes behind your neck. No more accidentally tugging and ripping the earbud out of my ear! On the minus side, yet another thing I have to remember to charge ughhhhh


Hiking at Rimrock

Dan is such a sweetie and knows I love doing new things. So he took us up to Rimrock, along one of his old cycling routes. We headed out the old Sunset Highway, left on Greenwood Blvd and followed that up to the trail head.

These cuties were cheers-ing  to good times!




There was a tunnel so we had to check it out. I think I was more scared of this than any of the girls! It looks a lot scarier than it actually is.




I’m pretty sure this was Mojo’s favorite part of the hike, it was really cool in there


Being silly!



After Rimrock, Dan showed us 1000 steps at the cemetary. I have heard about this but have never been! It was hidden off the road and if I were alone, probably would have missed it! It was spooky and there were NOT 1000 steps haha I’m not sure how old these are but I’m guessing over 100 years, they are falling apart and could be a little dangerous!


We climbed to the top and checked out a small part of the cemetery, a very old part!


This looked so creepy, but when I peeked in, it was just a tool shed lol


So sad. A 1 year old 😦


Feeding the ducks at Manito. which I’m pretty sure is not allowed anymore… SHHHHH  In our defense, they were small organic crackers 😉




My brave girl made it to the top!


We ended the day at the Milk Bottle with 3 very tired girls!



Whatever it is you love, get out and do it!



Create the life you want, then go out and live it ❤



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