Running & Wedding (Not Mine ;)

Natalie and Lance planned a beautiful wedding, and everything about it was first class. We started with rehearsal on Friday night followed by rehearsal dinner at Angelo’s in Coeur d’Alene.


There were probably about 40 people and I did not hear one complaint about the food or wine! So good! I ordered the port wine and gorgonzola ribeye steak and it was amaze!  Highly recommended! Thanks Kellers!


We headed back to the hotel for some wine and a girls night. Renae had Natalie read all her “Letters to the Bride.” They were truly heartwarming and lets just say there was not a dry eye in that room, especially after Leslie’s tearjerker!  Every letter was personal and had at least a few great memories or advice in it! Such a great idea!

Here’s a quote from one of my faves ❤


Wedding Day

Saturday the wedding festivities began. I decided to wake up extra early and get my run in for the day! I love Coeur d’Alene, and happened to figure out that the wedding venue was only a couple blocks from the Centennial Trail. I hopped on near the park which brought me down and around to the boardwalk, then I went around the park and back through downtown.



As I got closer to the beach, I noticed some orange street cones and people blocking the streets off, wasn’t sure what what going on until I got close to the beach and realized it was the Coeur d’Alene Triathalon, so of course I had to stop and check it out/cheer people on/ look like a creeper all alone taking pics while running haha

I saw this that I need in my life ASAP! “Let’s go be runners” OK! Don’t mind if I do!


This kind of made me miss my tri days! Finishing a triathalon is a different sense of accomplishment than straight running. And the training is a lot different too.



Pretty sweet these paddle board rental shops are popping up everywhere! I wish Spokane would get on this bandwagon (a post is coming soon about paddle boarding in Spokane!)



CDA is another quaint beautiful little town! I could live here! So many people all over being active and eating healthy all over the place, it’s very motivating! The city does a great job of  being fitness friendly.


Im guessing the loop was about 2.3 miles or so, but yet again, my Garmin decided not to co-operate grrrrr


Wedding Stuff

So, just a warning, I got quite a few pics right up to the wedding, but then I decided to put the phone away and have fun …or maybe just had nowhere to put the phone in my bridesmaid dress, but thats neither here nor there haha here’s a bit of what I got:

Venue pic from their site, Blackwell Hotel


Bride getting her hair did


Flower girl too ❤ Watching her made me wish my daughter would have been with me for the weekend, but she was across the lake with her Dad.wp-1471552580187.jpg

Selfie! And if anyone is interested, this headband is from the icing 🙂


Being super serious


Love this Mrs.




I’ll let Nattie share her actual wedding photos when she gets them 🙂 Can’t wait! They were done by Crystal Madsen, the best in town, and she went to Rogers with us to boot ❤ The wedding was a beautiful success, very laid back and fun!

The Morning After

By the time we got out of bed everyone had already eaten breakfast and was packing up. So Dan and I decided to take a walk through the town and do some exploring …yes… in our matching shirts!! GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE! HAHA


Ummm somehow Dan managed to change???? Wait, what??? haha Anyway, we stopped at this cute shop called Fine Brewed. It was very eclectic and had everything from acai bowls, beer, wine, smoothies, protein shakes, salads, to fresh pressed juices. It’s cute inside and they played great music.

Pic from their site


We ordered the basic acai bowl which was topped with banana, granola, strawberries, and coconut. It was sooooo yummy!! I believe Method also has them if you’re looking for somewhere in North Spokane. We also got a protein shake that had honeydew melon in it, that was great too! Highly recommend this place! Here is a link to their facebook if you want to check them out @ Fine Brewed.


Oh and Sundays they have a bottomless mimosa bar SAYYY WHATTTT! I’m not into champagne, but I know tons of people who love it!


Love this quote and thought it was appropriate for a wedding recap blog post:


This one is a little more me, anyone who knows me, knows…past


Have a great week my friends, peace and love, Sami ❤




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