Running Update!


As the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay gets closer and closer, my motivation gets better and better! I was getting nervous because my back injury was not getting better fast enough, but after physical therapy, I was golden! The hard part about taking a break from running is that, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So basically I had to start over, ughhh I always tell myself I am not going to do this, but it never fails!

So, like I said, starting over is rough, but you just make yourself do it and it does get easier! Here are some pics from the last couple weeks of my running excursions. And let me tell you, the times on the old Garmin were starting to scare me. But now, they’re almost race ready!

Track Running






This morning was 3 miles on the trail starting at Boulder Beach, I love that stretch at 7:30 am! The sun is in a great spot, its cool, mostly shaded and beautiful!


I’ve never seen anyone down below the dam like this, so obvi I had to take a pic!


There was a rowing team finishing up, I couldn’t quite catch them, but got a pic of them getting out.


I’m obsessed with my new shirt, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!! I love this, but I also love that Dan and I have matching shirts haha pics to follow 😉


So here is a problem I have been having. My Garmin is REALLY getting on my last nerve. I get the “locating satellites” message for like 10-15 minutes, then I start the timer, but it won’t GPS my run. So I’m forced to go back to my old ways using the Run Keeper app, buuttttut I also use Spotify for my music, which is fine, except when I try and take a picture it overloads my phone, my phone powers off and KILLS my phone battery 😦  Anyone else having these first world problems?? Can I fix this? HELP!!!


But, to be completely honest, it’s probably good for me to run unplugged sometimes. No music, nothing tracking me, just me and the pavement. It was kind of nice to focus on my breathing, the views, the smells,  and all the wild animals for a change ❤




2 thoughts on “Running Update!

  1. I love that you are doing this race!!! It is my absolute favorite race experience. Let me know what legs you are running and which team. I’ll be out cheering get on Frida. Way to get back in it Sam we all have our ups and downs when it comes to fitness.

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