Running and Bacheloretting in Walla Walla

A couple weeks ago, 5 of my best girlfriends and I rented a mini van and headed to wine country to help Natalie kiss her single life goodbye!


We tried this lemongrass ginger beer first thing, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who loved it!


Renae was the Maid of Honor and found this amazing condo in downtown Walla Walla


The rooftop patio was my fave ❤wp-1471465139913.jpg

Complete with a roof too hot tub and a grill!



I’m pretty sure I want to live here… someday… when I can afford to move all my friends and family here 😉 haha kidding, I love Spokane!

So, Renae made these awesome bachelorette kits! She even had her mom sew the bags they came in. So cute!


They were personalized with everything from bracelets to penis whistle’s (I’m pretty sure Sarah is never throwing hers away) to homemade wine glasses that match our bridesmaid dresses. Oh, and the hangover kits too. She is so thoughtful.



Downtown Walla Walla Run

So the first night there, we pretty much hung out, went to dinner at a mexican restaurant, and didn’t get too crazy. Thank God because I’m training for a relay race and had to get a run in!

We were close to downtown so I decided to leave from the condo and check out the wineries and such.


And a few other cool places. The courthouse was beautiful.


And had to take a photo of this Record Shop haha


Such a cute town, love the big American flag in the middle of downtown!


It was so awesome seeing things in town at a slower pace than driving, I thought 7:30 would be a great time because there would be no traffic or people, and there wasn’t. The bad thing were all the stop lights. I guess I didn’t think that part through, and no, I’m not the runner jogging in place at every red light haha


Back to the hotel!


So, we got up and went to Clarette’s for breakfast, which was a really good hole in the wall if thats your thing. It’s definitely mine! Then we hit up Dutch Brothers, Emily’s obsession, so she could get her fave coffee the size of her head! She’s obsessed! Can I just say that I love these girls ❤ No drama!!!

Once we got all ready, we took a million pics (sadly, not on my phone) and headed to do some wine tasting!

First stop was Kontos Cellars, this was my fave wine we tasted! I regret not buying a bottle, but didn’t want to pack that around all day…


I stole this pic of the tasting room from the net, I had to because Natalie, future Mrs. Keller, wanted a pic with the cork “K”




Then we finished our wine-ing at Plumb Cellars with a wine slushie!! OMG so good!


 I think I’m getting old because while the rest of the girls went bar hopping, Renae and I decided to head back to the condo and relax

I’ll leave you with our “morning after mug shots” haha

Hope you guys have a fab rest of your week ❤





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